6. Sunday Brunch


The boyfriend does not like this playlist.

“It’s full of 80s music.”

“That’s because it’s my playlist, and I like 80s music. I hate some of that Gangster Rap crap you play but you don’t hear me going on about it all the time. I’m open to new stuff. What is a bag of dicks anyway?”

“You think you’re funny don’t you? If you’re so open to new music, why do you keep listening to this old bollocks then? 80s music is shit. And it’s called Hip Hop.”

“80s music is not shit. There’s The Smiths and New Order on there. You were singing that Talk Talk song a minute ago. The Stone Roses are your favourite band of all time, and they’re an 80s band.”

“Yeah, but you’ve got A-Ha and Duran Duran on there and I’m bloody sick of hearing Kids In America. That time she was pissed and sang it on the tube was funny though. This is like one of those all-hits-all-the-time-no-song-repeated-in-a-single-day radio stations that people with no ambition listen to.”

“Put something else on then.”

“No point. These eggs are nearly done now. I don’t want any of that avocado crap anywhere near my plate though.”

“You like avocado. You loved that crab mousse thingy that time in that restaurant.”

“Yes that was good that. Does all avocado taste like that?”

“Nah. You wait for three days for it ripen, then you get a half-hour window when you can eat it, then after that it tastes like shit.”

“I’ll stick to restaurant avocado then, if it’s alright with you. I’m guaranteed that it’ll always be good.”

Just then The Unforgettable Fire comes on and he says,

“I fucking love this song.” He says.

6 thoughts on “6. Sunday Brunch

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