43. If You See Kay…

To fuck is to damage or ruin.

To fuck about is to waste someone’s time.

To fuck off is to go away.

To fuck someone off is to anger them.

To fuck up is do something badly.

To fuck someone up is to hurt them emotionally.

To fuck someone over is to con them.

To give a fuck is to care.

Fuck all is nothing. Zero. Nil. Lose.

To give zero fucks is not to care.

To get fucked is to be conned, drunk or drugged.

Fuck it is to give up.

For fucks sake is exasperation.

Holy fuck is amazement.

Fuck you is a dismissive insult.

Fuck me is astonishment.

Fuck them is not care about their opinion.

Fuck that is to specify you are not going to do something.

A fuck up is someone is someone who has lots of problems.

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