53. Fool Me Twice

Easter Sunday and April Fool’s Day today fell on the same day this year. My friend and her partner used this once in a lifetime opportunity to send the kids outside to look for easter eggs that didn’t exist. One of them eventually found some carrots with a note from the Easter Bunny which said that he was sorry but he had run out of eggs.


5 thoughts on “53. Fool Me Twice

  1. I remember I played in an easter egg hunt in primary school. That was the last time I remember being in one. I believe I found two or three plastic eggs with candy inside but I didn’t want to open them right away. Another classmate asked if she could have one. I said no but the teacher overheard me and made me give it to her. đŸ˜’ To me, that felt seriously unfair because the whole point of a hunt was for everyone to find the damn eggs, not for people to get handouts.

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