Cease The Day

Photo by Michał Bielejewski on Unsplash

You know the failure to prepare is to prepare to fail saying? Well, I prepared my socks off to read my poem online at an event. I rehearsed it, recorded it and pinned up print-outs in large font, in case I forgot the words. Half-way through reading out my poem, the doorbell in my house rang. It’s an extra-loud doorbell so I can hear it when I’m in my office. I remembered what my old drama teachers said. I acknowledged the interruption, then simply carried on. Apparently it was someone asking if we wanted double glazing. We already have double glazing in this rented house. Ah well.

Today has been a good week for my writing, quite possibly the most productive week I’ve ever had. I could really do this writing gig full time (if I had a private income).

  • I agreed edits and signed a contract for one of my short stories to be published in a lit mag later on in the month.
  • I read the critical feedback, then amended and submitted a story for publication in an anthology in September.
  • I wrote the beginning of a short story for a class I’m taking online, and then read it out in class.
  • I read my poem out in a zoom. Hopefully, it’ll make it into their anthology.
  • I submitted a bio, photograph and recording of myself reading out a poem for an event and anthology in Glasgow in November. That’s a big one. Internationally big.
  • Oh, and this was released……

The People’s Poem. Written and performed by residents of Leicester, which incidentally, was the most locked-down city in Britain. Inspired by The Leicester News’, ‘We’ve Missed You’ campaign.

Yup. That’s me folks. The one at the beginning with the moonface. Honestly, this project was so much fun to do. I loved every minute!

So, I was thinking about taking a short break from this blog for a bit. I will still maintain the diary of what I’ve been up to aka Neverthless She Persisted. I’d like to see this hiatus as a natural summer holiday pause or end of season one.

You can find me on Twitter @nicolawitters (Sometimes I remember what a man once said to me. “Is Witters your maiden name?” He clearly didn’t know me or how long I can babble on for !)

Thank you for all of your support so far. xx

My new boots.

I’m delighted that HAIKU SALUT, one of my favourite electronic bands has a new album coming out.

The Hill, The Light, The Ghost is out at the end of August. Here’s their new video to tide you over while you’re waiting, during these lazy, languid, long summer days, or washout, humid, hayfever-ish, thundery ones.*

*delete as applicable

16 thoughts on “Cease The Day

  1. My goodness, I was smiling whilst reading this whole thing. I loved your creative updates, the video was fantastic and those boots… guuurrrrrl, you are rocking them 😉 💜 Oh, and I loved the music vid you posted. This whole thing really was a reading treat for me. Enjoy your break, they really are so important.

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  2. I was there during the Liquid Amber poetry readings! I loved the sound of your doorbell – mine is an awful ding -dong. Yours was very musical!! and you handled the interruption like a pro! (Also your poem was very good). I really enjoyed hearing the voices of the poets… Maybe it is because I’m an American, but the accents were endearing! And I don’t think you have a “moon-face”!

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    1. Thank you! I enjoyed the event and felt quite calm. Sometimes I get nervous and fidget/rush, but you don’t get good at something without practice! I might write a few more prose poems as I seem to have found a nice niche that I fit into. Thanks again for your support. 😊

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  3. The video brought tears to my eyes! I visited Leicester a few years back. I specifically wanted to see Kirby-Muxloe castle. My last name is Kirby and, like so many Americans, I grasp for any vestige of my heritage. That’s what brought me to Leicester, but it’s not why I want to go back. I loved that city! I found it so easy and comfortable to just stroll around in. I walked everywhere! The history is enthralling and the churches and public spaces are beyond beautiful. When I visited St. Mary de Castro, a docent took the time to point out some tile from the 13th century. It was almost as if he were sharing a secret with me! I’ll never forget him. I’m so happy to hear people are getting back on their feet after the dread year 2020.
    Enjoy your well deserved break. I look forward to ‘hearing’ from you down the road.
    …..love the boots!

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    1. Wow! It’s amazing how closely we are all connected and how much our lives interweave. I will pass on your comment to the people involved in the creation of the video. I’m sure they will be as touched as I am to see how far our words and pictures reached. ♥️

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  4. Thanks for sharing your fun, the success of the adventure, and your enthusiasm. I wish you much happiness as you continue to pursue this passion. I’ll see if I can find you at @nicolawitters. Best wishes!! ❤

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  5. Wow, all of that is fantastic! It takes a lot to read your own work to an audience, even on Zoom. I will admit the idea of doing something like that myself is more than a little intimidating.

    Just out of curiosity, will the anthologies be posted on your “Buy My Books” page?

    By the way, I love your new boots 🙂

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