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The shelf of dreams

10. InDivisible

This one was a long time coming! It was first accepted for publication in February 2020, but world events halted things until March 2023.

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Published by Commonword.

9. Moths To A Flame – Presented by The ART and ENERGY Collective.

I’m proud to say that my poem ‘Tales from The Cashmere Hotel’ is included in this anthology. Read here for more details of the project.

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The lovely people at The Art and Energy Collective have made the book available for free!

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8. Lockdown Poetry: The Covid Long Haul

I am delighted that a revised version of my poem, ‘One Day I’ll Hold Your Hand in Mine’ is included in this chapbook. See me read the original version here. I may have only left the house a few times in a year, but my words reached halfway around the world.

It is available as a download or physical copy from Liquid Amber Press, all the way from Australia.

7. Small Good Things

Small Good Things is an anthology of short stories, written by the ‘A Brief Pause 2021’ cohort. I was fortunate to be selected to attend this six-month professional development programme, run by Dahlia Books.

The Women Who Swapped Their Baby for Salad was inspired by the childhood Rapunzel/Sleeping beauty fairy-tales, with a little bit of magical realism thrown in. I think my copy of Grimm’s must have been for adults as I definitely remember cutting off toes, choking to death and other gruesome not-for-children parts to the stories!

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6. Annihilation Radiation

Ever wondered what lockdown would be like living with a sociopath?

What happens to ordinary people when law and order no longer exists?

Just how long would you follow the Government’s instructions?

My story, ‘Hide and Seek’ is included in the apocalyptic anthology, Annihilation Radiation, published by Storgy.

I won’t lie, this story is beyond grim. It is a brutal slow decay before your very eyes of a terrible situation. Hold your breath. Don’t let them find you….

Eventually, the earth will heal. The world will go on, just not with us in it.

Out of everything I’ve ever written, this is the story that I am the most proud of.

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5. No Good Deed


My short story, ‘Say When’ was included in the anthology, ‘No Good Deed’, published by Retreat West Books, Available here (October 2019). It’s a tale of how and why a young woman tries over five years to hide from her past, but all is not what it seems to be.

This book was shortlisted in the ‘best anthology’ category of the 2020 Saboteur Awards.


Amanda Saint from Retreat West Books and me.

4. Blood, Sweat and Fists. Stories From The Pits

My short-story, ‘Last Exit’ is in the anthology ‘Blood, Sweat and Fists. Stories From The Pits’ published by Weasel Press (June 2020). It’s a first-hand account of me in my late teens in the late 80s at Fields of The Nephilim gigs, all over England. (Vinyl, my own)

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3. Dime Show Review. Volume 3. Issue 2

Read my flash fiction ‘Minted’ on the beautifully instagrammable Dime Show Review website or buy their gorgeous anthology of 2019 here (December 2019)

Want to listen to me reading it? Click the Spotify link below.


2. An Attempt At Exhausting A Place In Leicester

My short story, ‘May Settle in Transit’ appeared in the anthology, ‘An Attempt At Exhausting A Place In Leicester’  and is available on Amazon and from the Tourist Information Centre, Leicester, UK (October 2019). It’s the story of an afternoon in the life of a middle-aged couple who met whilst at University in the East Midlands, who have come back to Leicester for a University Open Day with their daughter.

Photo Me and my editor, Jon Wilkins.

I get a mention in the book  Creatures Give Advice Again  by Roppotucha Greenberg

(I’m on page 50)

1. Aero Fun Book

You may be able to pick up a copy of this on Ebay. (1984)


The section Nevertheless She Persisted contains details of my writing that has been published online.


If you are looking for the notebooks, journals and artist sketchbooks that I make, (by hand from scratch) then click here to be redirected to my etsy shop. It’s called Secret Pocket Books. You have to type it as one word into the etsy search engine. It is unlikely that you’ll find any pictures of links for me on google as I have opted out of paid ads in my shop. You can also find me on instagram and pinterest as Secret Pocket Books.