Retro Specs (2019)



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2019 has been an amazing year for my writing! I cannot thank you enough for all of your support. It really does keep me going and means more than you know. Every morning when I check my notifications, I often have a little tear in my eye. (I can’t believe my readership almost trebled this year!) I’ve had so many positive comments, and I now dare to use my real name on my work. The first piece of advice I was given was to “write like your mother won’t read it” and it’s absolutely true. Pressing publish those first few times was sometimes excruciating, and I have deleted several of my earlier posts, through embarrassment, but now I stand by every word. I enjoy the process of writing more much more than holding a book with my words in it, so I guess what Elizabeth Gilbert said about finding your way back home was true…

I will continue to add a new story every few weeks, whilst still working on my novel and longer stories for big competitions.

Here’s a picture of my desk at home where I spend my Sunday afternoons writing or scribbling away into the wee small hours whenever I have insomnia. Yes I do have a massive font on the screen because my eyesight is that bad! Note to self: get new varifocals this year. My 2020 vision, so to speak.

This year I had short stories in three anthologies and a mention in another book. I think, at last count, I had stories or articles on seven other websites and numerous reblogs. And to think that in January 2018, when I started this blog, I would get giddy with excitement whenever I reached ten likes…..

If you want to know more, then head over to my diary page called Nevertheless, She Persisted which has more details of what I’ve been up to and has lots of links to other things I’ve written.

In 2020, I have two further stories coming out in anthologies, and hopefully I’ll be able to save up enough to be able to afford to go on an ARVON writer’s retreat and buy the MASTERCLASS app. I’ve given up watching the news as it’s recently become too demoralising, so am spending my breakfasts watching Vimeo maker videos or Ted talks. The plan is to watch a Masterclass every morning to inspire and set me up for the day.

My work-in-progress is ME! in 2020 I am going to try to be kinder to people as no-one knows what someone else is going through. If someone is mean or snappy, I’ll try to  remember that they might be





and give them the benefit of the doubt, or at the very least, some space. I want to Pay it Forward with random acts of kindness more often, and generally simplify my life. I’ll take out my earbuds and listen instead of hiding in my own little bubble. I only wish I’d begun writing sooner.

Finally, I have a BIG birthday at the end of 2020, so I’m busy planning for that!


Photo by Holger Link on Unsplash



Peace, love, empathy,

Nicola xxx