95. On The Cusp

photo of marshmallows

Photo by Tembela Bohle on Pexels.com

The best times in life are just before something is going to happen. The longer you leave it, the more you want it. Nothing can compare to that anticipation. Melancholic imaginings of what might take place. How life will change. Little butterfly treats of adrenaline whenever you think about that secret, delicious longing.

Seeing ‘Snow Patrol’ play ‘Run’ live, in a tiny pub in Leicester, the week the album that changed everything came out. I just knew. I could sense it.

Going to Ikea for the University shopping trip.

Between that lingering gaze and the first kiss. Sometimes there never is a kiss. Only a memory of what could be.

Landing in Las Vegas at night or arriving at a festival.

Walking arm in arm around Copenhagen lanes on cool October evenings. Bicycles everywhere. Twinkling shop windows. Basement restaurants with flickering tea light lanterns made from hole punched tins on every step. Cupped hands round kaffe mugs. Fika cake. Hygge indeed.

September is the most natural time for a new year. Pure mornings. Clean, crisp. Cosy cashmere. Reflecting. Nesting. Kicking up crunchy leaves. Pockets full of shiny conkers. Wearing new boots around the house to break them in. Freshly sharpened pencils and uncreased notebooks. That back to school feeling and the start of the football/TV season. Woodsmoke. Pumpkins. Soup. Hot chocolate. Canada geese flying in a v formation. Autumn harvest to see you through. Putting the garden to bed. Every artist you adore seems to be going on tour with the release of their new album. That Thursday in the year when every book worthy of gifting is published.

The end has a beginning. A fresh start.