22. Black Coffee

“I am not ordering an espresso just to look cool.”

“Well, you’re not having a cappa. It’s almost noon. You’ll look like a pleb. You’ll only drink two sips of it.”

“If I want a cappa I’ll have one. This is Yorkshire not Italy. I’ll start a new trend. Anyway, they don’t care. They’re baristas. They make coffee for a living. It’s their job to make me what I want. And don’t give me that’s rubbish about milk and digestion. You’re having a latte.”

“Well don’t get anything with syrup or cream in it. I hate that American shit.”

“I’ll order what I bloody well like. It’s my money. Anyway, if it’s too late for a cappa, why is it still on the menu?”

“For morons. And you’re not a moron.”

An exiting customer holds open the door. The bell dings a single crisp, clear note, reminiscent of old-fashioned shops.  Smiling nods of thanks and a “Ta mate” are exchanged.

“A flat white and an americano to go please.”


3 thoughts on “22. Black Coffee

  1. It’s funny to me (as an American) that syrup and cream is the American way to add flavor to coffee. Though I guess I’m an odd bug for adding neither to mine. I enjoy regular instant coffee from the can with just a dollop of milk mixed in. Not sure if I will ever try coffee with those weird names attached to them. I often forget the difference between each one.

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